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Data Storage in Épinay-sur-Seine

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Librafilms Videaudi, located in Epinay-sur-Seine, near Paris, guarantees you a reliable and highly secure data storage system.

We offer our services to various clients, including Americans and French (especially in Hauts-de-Seine).

A highly secure data storage system

Multimedia is one of the sectors most affected by piracy and other malicious activities. That is why we ensure all data stored in our systems is as secure as possible. Whatever the volume of data to process, we have the solution you need. We have many storage servers with state-of-the-art security.

To reduce the risk of data loss, we systematically duplicate the archive elements on two different storage units that run independently of each other. For more convenience, biometric access control and 24-hour video surveillance are implemented.

We ensure all data stored in our systems is as secure as possible

Data Storage Paris,

Meeting your expectations

Our aim is to provide you with a quality service that meets your expectations. With our 28 years of experience, we have the know-how to complete your project to your satisfaction. We ensure a competitive advantage by constantly developing our equipment to meet all your requirements.

We offer excellent value for money. We complete your project in no time. With our professionalism, we can already work with the productions of the big American banners. Benefit from the reliability of our video editing laboratory.

We are able to adapt the productions of the big American banners

Data Storage Hauts-de-Seine

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With dematerialisation, the volumes of data to be processed have increased exponentially. Librafilms Videaudi has equipped itself with several secure storage servers at the forefront of technology to guarantee the security of stored elements. Everything is protected by biometric access control and 24-hour video surveillance.

File delivery via Smartjog, Aspera Faspex. Nextguard. Signiant