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LibraFilms, a company created in 1994, specializes in the French localization of programs (Series, Films, Documentaries) for linear and non-linear exploitation. 
In 2009, LibraFilms joined forces with its lab partner, Videaudi (Video Laboratory), created in 1988 and directed by Patrick COUTY, to create synergies and respond to market developments.

In keeping with LibraFilms' historical values of more than 20 years, the new management team, led by Patrick COUTY and Marc KHAIRALLAH, accompanied by Julie GARDAN, dubbing production manager, and Gabriel ANNEDE, technical director, is aiming for development on a human scale in order to promote its know-how in all the services it offers: from dubbing/localization, subtitling, and script translation to accessibility (SME, AD), audio/video mastering (credits, transcoding, QC, PAD), servicing, and digital restoration. 

LibraFilms Videaudi strives to work according to the rules of the art at each step necessary to create a the highest-quality level of its French versions.

Detection, adaptation and artistic direction are committed to quality from recording to the mixing. The teams and collaborators of LibraFilms Videaudi are all experts in their field and their only motto is to bring you technical competence and reactivity.

By integrating the new capabilities offered by the digitalization of media and processing means, LibraFilms Videaudi wants to be the link between the modernity of the audiovisual industry and the respect of the necessary steps providing our partners a precise, efficient and competitive work which is and will always be our teams main objective.

Magnétiseur Mérignac
Patrick COUTY


Magnétiseur Mérignac

Vice president

Magnétiseur Mérignac

Production Director

Magnétiseur Mérignac
Gabriel ANNEDE

Technical Director

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